This workflow does not represent my own research (which would be much simpler), but rather deals with preparing monographs for publication: It is part of my work in the Edition Open Access to convert the manuscripts of authors into books. Since these are converted into different formats, we use different systems and tools for manipulating the texts and supplemental material, like reference databases. We use a few ready-made tools, but at the same time we also have our own conversion scripts. Most of the tools we use are open source, and at the same time we also make the source code of our tools publicly available.

Here is an overview:

  • TeX/LaTeX for typesetting PDFs and bibliographies.
  • Zotero, bibdesk for reference management.
  • MPG’s enterprise github for documentation (using markdown) and management of source code as well as the publications themselves.
  • MPIWG’s owncloud for storage and exchange of large files.
  • the final publications are encoded along the TEI Guidelines in XMLmind, using the métopes add-on.
  • … and converted to different formats, PDF, EPUB and our own publication platform, which is based on Django.
  • The software we develop is for the most part written in Python (extensive use is made of the lxml library), but we make also use of XSL transformations and use RELAX NG and Schematron as validation languages.
Klaus’ Workflow

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